What We Do

The National Family Wellness Alliance (NFWA) is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization dedicated to providing education, information and resources regarding pediatric care, family health, and wellness. The NFWA and our members are committed to providing valuable community content and connections to help you create Healthy Kids and Healthy families.

Specifically, the NFWA goals are to heighten awareness and understanding of the importance of optimal nervous system function, from the earliest stages of life, and its relation to overall health and wellness. Through the use of webinars, online events, local community workshops, impactful articles, and our network of incredible doctors, we seek to empower and educate both the public and health care providers with the latest information and options available.

  • Research

    The NFWA promotes not just the creation of research, but the understanding of its relation to optimal health expression and healing of adults and children, including the relationship between stress, subluxation, and numerous issues affecting children such as ADHD, Allergies, Anxiety, Autism and more.

  • Impact

    The NFWA exists solely for this reason- to create impact in the lives of those we reach. We help educate, empower and train an entire community of incredible doctors to do the same for their patients, and we form a partnership in that endeavor as well.

  • Educate + Empower

    The NFWA exists to educate the public and share strategies to achieve optimal health in adults and children through an optimal functioning nerve system, a vital way of living. We pride ourselves on teaching real-life, applicable strategies that families can put in play each and every day!

  • Connect

    The NFWA understands that in today’s world, community and connection are everything. We work to connect the public in need with highly qualified, committed providers in their local area so they can begin their journey towards optimal health and happiness.

Why We Do It

We do it not because of what we hope to ‘take away’ from this world, sickness and struggle, but for what we can then replace that with - health, happiness, vitality. Kids aren’t meant to be sick, and families aren’t meant to fall apart because of it.

We do this because we know the Results.

For generations now, kids and families who follow the path laid out and supported by the NWF providers experience a level of health and happiness that far surpasses that of the ‘new normal’ that exists today.

It’s “addition by subtraction” where when you add health and healing in, sickness and struggle fades.

We do it for Evan, for Oliver, for Avery, for Molly, for Megan, for John, for Liam, for Taylor and for all the kids, moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas who want to just experience a better life!

It’s for every case of recovery, and every case that never needed to recover in the first place.

That’s why we do it - health restoration for the sick, and prevention for those who never want to be!

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