The OWC mission is to grow our thriving community of families and individuals who are passionate about incorporating healthy habits into their daily lives. We are steadfastly committed to partnering with our patients in their health and wellness journey. At our warm and friendly chiropractic care center, we address chiropractic through neurology and help parent’s truly understand sensory based issues from a scientific approach.

From a young age, Dr. Rick always knew he had an interest in helping others, which initially led him to begin his college years pre-med. About halfway through, however, he realized the philosophy of “sick care” wasn’t what he wanted to bring to families. Around this same time, he had the opportunity to speak with a chiropractor—after just one conversation, he decided it was the perfect path for him.

Dr. Rick later enrolled at the renowned Palmer College where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic. Ever since, he’s enjoyed helping families understand what it means to be truly healthy, naturally. He has proven time and time again that chiropractic can make a massive impact on those families in need.

Dr. Rick believes that while chiropractic care can address and relieve common symptoms like back or neck pain, its benefits are much more far reaching. When you’re nervous system is functioning in balance, without interference, your body’s natural ability to heal itself is restored. This means you’ll move better, think clearer, and simply put, live better!

In addition to holding his chiropractic degree, Dr. Rick is certified in nutrition and regularly works with families to develop a better diet plan for their unique needs.

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