Are you looking for powerful results without drugs or surgery?  We specialize in extremely gentle neurological chiropractic for kids and adults.  With our unique Torque Release Technique, there is no need for twisting, turning, or popping.

We specifically remove interference from the nerves that carry messages from your child’s brain to the rest of his or her body. Because these nerves direct all organs and body parts…essentially a control panel for the body…our Torque Release Technique allows optimal healing and healthy growth & development.

Our state-of-the-art scanning technology measures how lifestyle stresses (physical, chemical & emotional) are affecting your child’s health and nervous system.  Even if your child can’t tell us what is going on, our scans will analyze and illustrate any problem areas you may be unaware of.

The scans, which use no radiation and are non-invasive, allow you to discover what’s needed to restore your child’s health and keep him on track for optimal development.

Give us a call today at (651) 789-0033 to find out if we can help your family!

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